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Sometimes you hear something and you just know.
Michelle (N.J)

The cd is awesome. Itís really good. He has a lot of talent and should have no problem finding a label out there. He is going to be huge. I think he will make it and become real big. Iím a fan now and I am going to recommend him to everyone.
Justin (N.J)

 I listened to a couple of his songs and they are really good...He sounds great.!
John (N.J.)


Phil's debut solo CD. Really good, solid record. Since I spend far more time at my office than I do anywhere else, I have it on my office playlist.
Max Law

Allow me to chime in with my recommendation on this album as well. Very, very good, solid album. Get yourself a copy. You won't be disappointed!..Great disc

After hearing just half of the first song a few minutes ago, I ordered it. Very neat sound!
I got the CD within a week of ordering it, which is way faster than I get most things I order! I love it.  His voice just draws you in to the lyrics, and the sound is very upbeat. I love "White Feather", but I'm telling you- "Goodnight Kiss" is one of the sweetest, romantic, and sexiest songs I've heard in ages.... 
Get the CD folks- you won't be sorry.  I'm sure when he's a big famous star, he'll remember all the little folks and give us front row seats to his concerts- right Phil?.........Woke up with tunes from this CD running through my head.....I have a new favorite- "River to Ocean".  It rocks! 
(After seeing Phil live)
hat a nice time my friends and I had last night hearing Phil and his current band play. They have a nice rapport and seem very nice guys as well. I like Phil doing his own stuff best because I like it that much, but they did some fine U2 I didn't expect. 

He sent me his solo debut CD a couple of months ago! I wasn't expecting it (didn't know about it), but I had gotten his cd with a band a year or so ago. This solo cd is WONDERFUL!!! 

Congrats Phil!! I love this cd, really great lyrics and sound. Listening to it now.Can't pick a fav but "White Feather" is a great start.

I was quite impressed.

Very good stuff! I would love to see this guy live.

Outstanding. Very good. Can't wait for my copy.

Sounds good. I would also like to hear him live. Hope he'll be performing in the shore area soon.

Oh wow, I'm so excited for Phil that he's getting some much deserved radio airplay (and outside of MA, too)!
I've been friends with Phil ever since he bought that extra ticket from me (at face +TM, of course) for a Boston show on the (Springsteen) Reunion tour. I can tell you after knowing him all this time, this is one guy that really appreciates all aspects of music--playing, listening, going to concerts, etc. He absorbs it all in a laid back, quiet way.
I've been lucky enough to watch him grow his music career since he started his last band, Riverside Train....If  I can go on for another minute about see him play live is something that you'll also find reminiscent of Bruce...the three hour (or longer) sets, a wide repetoire of songs to pull from and play, and just having a lot of fun up there. It's almost like he's playing for his own benefit as well as his audience's. You never know what he's going to play next........But back to the CD....So I was lucky enough to get a copy of Phil's new CD shortly after it was pressed and packaged, but I had no idea what to expect before I got it. See, every time I asked him about the cd, how it was coming along, what was the style, how did it sound, he would never tell me about it. All I ever heard was "I'm working hard on it." "I'm off to the studio."..... When I heard it, I was instantly impressed and so proud of it and of him. Not just because he's my friend, but because he is my friend and it is really good music, and I wouldn't have to lie to him about how good it is the way you sometimes have to lie to your friends when they do something like this. I listened to it a whole lot the for a few weeks to let the lyrics sink in, the way you do only with music you really want to absorb. But still...when I originally got the CD and popped it in for the very first time, I heard the really beautiful harmonica work at the beginning of the very 1st track, and I thought back to how much he'd grown in skill .......Success couldn't happen to a nicer or more humble guy, and I really know his big breakthrough is just around the corner! I know he really poured his heart and soul in to the songs, and I'm so glad they're getting time on the radio. I know I'm gonna freak out the first time I'm driving around and hear one on WBOS or WHJY. This fellow Bruce fan deserves your good wishes and support, so I hope everyone can check the songs out or pick up the cd @ . My favorite song off the CD is "Goodnight Kiss", followed closely by "White Feather", but it really is *such* a good cd in it's entirety. Still, "Goodnight Kiss" has a pretty high play count, according to my ipod.....By the way--Ladies, he's a total rock god!!!

(After he requested a station play Phil)
My pleasure.....I love this cd. I'm glad
WXPN-FM played him. (in 8PM slot)



Also a nice review here:

I'd bet my entire Springsteen collection that this guy is going places. (Webmaster)




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