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1.) Unbelievable music. I’ve checked out a ton of his songs on the podsafe music network and they go all over the place. They are rootsy, they are Americana, they are poppy, they are a lot of fun..and then I started doing a little bit more research about Phil and it turns out that his recent album was produced by Tim Bradshaw. Who’s Tim Bradshaw? Well, Tim Bradshaw is the keyboard player for David Gray. David Gray made the album “White Ladder” that was out a couple years ago. I (think) it won a Grammy..but even if it didn’t it should have because it is an unbelievable album. Every track on that album is great and if Tim Bradshaw had a part of that…in creating that..what he can do for Phil Ayoub is unbelievable too. Phil has some amazing stuff out there….you’re gonna love this.
2.) I think a show or two ago I played Phil Ayoub and I've since come to listen to the whole album and I absolutely, absolutely love Phil Ayoub. He wrote me a great little note. He is one of the hardest working guys in rock music right now, and what I really like about his music is that it fits in that whole Dylan/Springsteen/kind of Bono (when Bono had some real passion to him) and I really dig it. (In reference to "White Feather"). It is really, really good check it out.

Jersey Todd

(In reference to "River To Ocean"). That was a great song. That was almost like a Matthew Sweet kind of feel. Great. Love that power pop stuff. It's fantastic. File that Philip Ayoub song "River To Ocean" under summer songs, cause man summer's coming and believe me, nothing's cooler as playing like a summer mix cd with music like that.
Chris Choi Alt Cast

 I checked it out and I actually liked the song AND Phil's delivery. As a syndicated show we pretty much stick to proven hits but I hope I'm encouraging. I liked it - thanks for turning me on to him!!!
Danny Wright
(note:Danny is a syndicated radio host listened to in many markets)

Phil's tune is really good, and perfect for our show. I get a lot of promos, some from professional promoters that don't get me interested like yours. We will be playing more of Phil in the future. We love Phil's stuff. Thanks again for making us aware of him. Brave New Frontiers is all about great tunes and voices that need to be heard.
Randall Cousins Brave New Frontiers  

We'll keep an eye on this. 

 I will say that this fellow is good-I like his stuff. I'll tell you this means little on my side because I am not the music director at WCOL.  I can tell you that Zuko is and I will forward it to him to listen to.
Now, I'll say I have been a music director. I see these guys are getting airplay and that looks good! I hear it's more folk than country and it is a more AC type song if you ask me,not as much country,and that's good because I think it's his style. He sounds good. I like it. Just me....and it's fans like you that will help get him off the ground. I wish him  luck!
Heather Williams (WCOL-FM)

That's a spirited effort you've got going there. It's really and truly my pleasure to get to play Phil's tunes. 
Snap, Crackle, Pop! 10AM Fridays

 I enjoyed listening to Phil Ayoub's music. So much so I played "Carnival Days" on my latest podcast, show #10. 
See .
Thanks for the heads up on such a fine musician.
Hugh Morrison (Pure Brilliant Podcast)

If you like Americana, you'll probably like Phil. Good old rockin rockin. I like that. Good stuff.
Spa Cast-Ar

Very cool!
Justin Brown "JB the DJ" (WJVL-FM)

 I did give his song a listen and am impressed. I wish him the best of luck.
Art Spencer

Now tell me that doesn't sound like a major record label artist that is really good.
Schmee The Nod Cast

You have very nice music. Your harmonies are nice, and I really appreciate that your stuff is produced excellently. As well, I can hear that your feelings are genuine in your music.
Paul Saurini Barefoot Radio

Will appeal to forlorn romantics with a sense of irony but who also like to rock.
Brian Fodera (former Programming Director for WCHC-FM)

Superb....Definitely an artist to look out for.
Hugh Morrison Pure Brilliant Podcast


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