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Phil's site is located at www.philayoub.com 
 His myspace site is at www.myspace.com/philayoub

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A great place to hear a bunch of his songs is here


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Latest great review of the cd found here

 "The cover art on this CD is deceptively plain and subtle...and our first guess was that this was going to possibly be low key, low fidelity homemade pop. But nothing could be further from the truth. Boston, Massachusetts' Phil Ayoub is an up-and-coming popster with huge potential. Produced by Tim Bradshaw, Arrivals and Departures spins like a non-stop collection of hits. Phil's got a super smooth voice and he writes songs that could easily be appreciated by just about anyone who likes good solid classic upbeat pop. Not only does Ayoub have the songs and the voice...but he's also handsome as heck. Putting all the pieces together, we can't see why this young fellow won't be a smashing success within a year or two. Despite the fact that these songs have great commercial potential, there's still plenty of heart and soul here. Cool flowing pop cuts include "The Bearded Lady," "Goodnight Romeo," and "32 Memory Lane." Crystal clear pop with style.

Awesome review of Phil's latest CD is here. Many thanks to Bill Copeland

On 01-11-15 Phil's song "Basement" was played. The show is hosted by Jim Monaghan and airs on Sunday mornings on the radio and also streamed on the web. Site is here (See site for more details). His myspace site is www.myspace.com/allmixedupradio
That makes an amazing 105 weeks of airplay. I urge everyone reading this to check out his show on Sunday mornings from 7:00am -10:00am. It is streamed live on the web here. You will hear a very diverse show from someone who has a PASSION for music. He always has kind words to say about Phil and his career. 

Last 10 podcast adds. See link on left for complete listing of podcast plays and links.

"32 Memory Lane" plated on Cast On
"Thank You For Bringing Me Home" played on Longtown Sound
"Thank You For Bringing Me Home" played on Shattering Your Small Cosmos
"Bad Habits" played on Longtown Sound
"Carnival Days" played on Longtown Sound
"Bad Habits" played on Longtown Sound
"No Heartache/Lying & Stealing/White Feather" played on Indie Soup
"32 Memory Lane" played on Strikorama
"Thank You For Bringing Me Home" played on IPadre Catholic Podcast
"Bad Habits" played on Longtown Sound

Phil's Arrivals and Departures CD makes a top 60 list for 2010 here

Very cool fan made video for the song "Bad Habits" is here

Phil's Arrivals and Departures CD makes a top 60 list for 2010 here

Awesome review by Wildy's World of the new cd is here

Phils song "Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot) used in a youtube video here

The Independent Music Scene review is here

Nice review of the "Arrivals and Departures" CD is here

Review from Amazon.com below.
GREAT FIND " I stumbled upon this cd (Arrivals & Departures) randomly, and what a great surprise! It's awesome! A nice mix of upbeat, sensitive, funny, and thoughtful stuff. I liked it so much, I went back and bought his first cd, Schoolbus Window Paper Heart. Where's this guy been hiding anyway? He's great!! I love Basement, Get Out, Body Language, Bad Habits. Good stuff. Do yourself a favor and check it out."
Phil's song "Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot)" was played on Adam Curry's Fubar Friday show on April 9, 2010  The link is here.

Phils music has been played on WMVY-FM

Phil's music has also been played several times on
I'm a regular listener.
Special thanks to Melanie Thiel & Stew Liebman

Article on Phil's CD "Arrivals & Departures" here

Phil is the "Man Of The Moment". Read the article here

Phil voted one of the best new indie artists of 2006. Click here for link. Here is the article......

"Singer-songwriter Phil Ayoub (pronounced A-yoob), is a deep-thinking, deep-feeling, quintessential all American boy from Boston. Ayoub’s extraordinary ability to paint a deeply stirring, sweetly-poignant picture with emotive, insightful lyrics and pure natural music combine to create a smooth polish to Ayoub’s personal, frequently humorous thoughts and experiences.

Ayoub’s amazing debut album Schoolbus Window Paper Heart is filled with poignant, honest, romantic and often playful lyrics and simple melodies created with acoustic guitar and jangely synth and of course Ayoub’s earthy, gentle, sensual vocals will keep you hooked from the first track to the ironically funny final secret track. Schoolbus Window Paper Heart is an album I would strongly recommend."

October 20, 2006 was another red letter day for Phil. His song "No Heart Ache" was played on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcast  (Show #482){31min 50sec in}. Why is that so big you might ask?. Adam Curry (former VJ on MTV) is known as "The Podfather" since he is associated with developing the whole thing. It is a pretty big deal. Jersey Todd ("the hardest working lawyer in podcasting") is responsible for getting Phil on there. Todd has been a friend of Phil's music from the beginning. He also does a podcast which you should check out www.jerseytoddshow.com for some cutting edge music. This same week Phil reached his 5000th "hit" on the Springsteen Backstreets music post.

An ad for Phil's cd appears on page 11 of the Bruce Springsteen fanzine magazine Backstreets (Spring/Summer 2006 issue)

Thanks to all who encouraged their favorite podcasters to play Phil's "White Feather" (which was written days after 9/11) as part of their 9/11 shows. See the long list of podcasters who participated on the podcasts link.

On 02-16-08 Phil's song "Lying and Stealing" was played before a NY Rangers hockey game at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in N.Y. city.

BIG NEWS - On lucky 07/11/06 Phil was broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio 102 Starz.
Podshow Music Rewind (w/Marcus Couch) is a podcast also broadcast on satellite. Only fellow podcasters can submit artists for this show. Thanks to Ed of Ed's Mixed Bag  for his efforts. The selected song was the "hidden" track (4th District Court of Bristol County).

An amazing podcast (The Big Break) with Phil can be downloaded here. It is show #21. The whole show is dedicated to him. 4 songs are played and Phil discusses his music and his songs for 40 minutes.

Of special note
Backstreets.com post (must be member to view the post) {over 38,000 "hits"}
"No Heart Ache" on promo only cd

The story behind the "hidden" track on the 1st CD
Exclusive fan club interview

Performed at the Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA on March 22, 2006.


Also a nice review here:




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